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independent Catawba grape grower

south central Pennsylvania


Tintagel Farm is located on the outskirts of Codorus State Park in a town formally known as Brodbecks.The Catawba grapes were planted on a southern exposure hillside in 1986 using the 4 arm Kniffin trellis method which is still is used today.Production yields vary from over 5 tons to 2 tons from 700 vines.The remainder of acreage on the farm is pastured with Angora goats, Sheep, Llamas, an Alpaca all fiber producing animals.The farmstead predates the 1880ís having many of the original buildings.


Inquiries for the 2013 harvest is welcomed


Ron & Leslie Orndorff

6512 Blooming Grove Rd

Glenville, PA 17329